IMSPEX completes SMART Cymru project

IMSPEX completes SMART Cymru project

IMSPEX have recently completed a Technical and Commercial Feasibility (TCF) Report for the project titled ‘GC-IMS Technology Translation to Health and Life Sciences Sector’. IMSPEX undertook a Technical & Commercial Feasibility (TCF) phase to convince project stakeholders (including The Welsh Government, potential investors and end users) that translating our GC-IMS technology into the health and […]

Sequence Designer -New Instrument Software

sequence designer

This new software package Sequence Designer offers the possibility to run a customized sequence of different programs and subsequent changes of device parameters between measurements. On top of that, this process can be triggered, stopped, and monitored remotely by the use of the Sequence Designer desktop PC Software.   Key Features include: Create one sequence […]

New GAS Analytical Software ‘VOCal’

VOCal software view

New GAS Analytical Software ‘VOCal’ VOCal is a comprehensive desktop software for G.A.S GC-IMS data evaluation. A rich set of features for offline quantitative data evaluation and method development is accompanied by tools that support compound identification. VOCal merges functionalities of the former LAV and the GC-IMS Library Search Software and adds new visualization and […]

Monitoring of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)

chemical plant

Rapid Monitoring of Dimethyl Sulfate (DMS) in Chemical Plants using GC-IMS Technology Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) or materials (TIMs) are substances that exhibit harmful effects on humans and are common in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, maintenance areas or general storage areas. Exposure to those chemicals are seriously harmful especially after multiple low-level exposures. Dimethyl sulfate […]