Company History

IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd was founded in 2011 as a spinoff of the University of Glamorgan, in South Wales, with the aim to develop markets and applications for Ion Mobility Spectrometry Technology in clinical research, clinical diagnostics, food and environmental analysis.

Through its acquisition of GAS GmbH in January 2013, IMSPEX secured access to World leading IMS technology and to a range of equipment which is market ready for customer applications.

Over 2013 the group formed by IMSPEX and GAS has established relationships and provided instruments to a range of blue chip companies, research hospitals and research centres and universities.

Mission and Vision

Vision: ‘Solving the World’s analysis needs where they happen’

Our mission is to bring laboratory quality analytical capabilities out of the laboratory and to the point of need.

Analytical needs are everywhere, from food quality control to environmental analysis and from early clinical diagnostics to air safety monitoring. The simplicity and speed of analysis of the Ion Mobility Spectrometry technique is ideally placed to allow those in need of analytical information to obtain it quickly, in place and in real time, without having to rely on slow, costly and remote analytical operations. We see a World where critical analysis becomes an immediate commodity, saving time, waste and lives.

Our focus is in solving analytical needs by providing turn-key, automated and simple solutions to specific problems by leveraging the expertise in our group.