IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd is based in South Wales and was founded in 2011 with the aim of improving disease outcomes by delivering better, faster and more cost efficient early diagnostic and screening solutions based on Ion Mobility Spectroscopy technology that was developed by our subsidiary, G.A.S. mbH

Our mission

The mission of our project is to significantly improve the outcomes for millions of patients globally by enabling the earlier identification of multiple treatable or manageable diseases, contributing to a happier, healthier, longer living global population.

Our vision

We see a world in which screening for multiple life threatening diseases moves from expensive, late, symptom based settings to early screening at the point-of-care (primary care settings) and eventually to the home, allowing for regular non-invasive screening, quick follow up and early treatment, saving lives and improving outcomes. Ultimately, a breath and biofluids analyser sits at every home, monitoring the health of the dwellers.

We are currently starting a round of funding to develop our COVID-19 testing technology to market readiness. Interested in learning more? Contact information@imspex.com