IMSPEX completes SMART Cymru project

IMSPEX have recently completed a Technical and Commercial Feasibility (TCF) Report for the project titled ‘GC-IMS Technology Translation to Health and Life Sciences Sector’.

IMSPEX undertook a Technical & Commercial Feasibility (TCF) phase to convince project stakeholders (including The Welsh Government, potential investors and end users) that translating our GC-IMS technology into the health and life sciences sector is viable. The report aimed to identify the technical issues that may arise from developing technology into this field and consider technical solutions. It also outlined the benefits and barriers to research and development to develop our technology from concept to a product ready-for-market and beyond.

This project was carried out with the support from SMART Cymru and funding from the EU/Welsh Government structural funds, specifically ERDF priority (Grant number: 2019/TCF/050).