Medical Solutions

Imspex has an experienced team of professionals that can answer your most challenging analytical questions. We can provide service and support to help you get the most out of your GAS system. GAS is a trend-setter in innovative analytical instrumentation that is reliable and extremely easy to use. Coupling its unique set-up enhanced 2-dimensional separation of GC plus IMS results in reliable substance identification.

With the complex matrices that are food in food & flavour, process and environmental and medical applications this technology provided by GAS means it is always the first choice. The cutting-edge sensitivity of the IMS with detection limits of low/sub ppbv level makes pre-concentration processes redundant and represents a significant difference to common detectors. So explore our different solution pages in environmental, food , flavour and health to find out more about the possibilities with the innovative GAS systems available.

  • Food & Flavours

    Food & Flavour Product identification and authentication as well as quality control in general plays a more and more important role every day especially in the food and flavour industry. The FlavourSpec system uses a combination of IMS with a gas chromatographic pre-separation and an automatic headspace sampler, connected together makes this technology powerful and […]

  • Health

    Breath analysis represents a diagnostic technique which can provide information beyond conventional analysis of blood and urine e.g. NO-testing for asthma. Advantages of breath tests are that they are non-invasive, painless and do typically not require trained personnel for sampling. Hundreds of different substances are present in human breath depending on nutrition, metabolic state including […]

  • Environmental

    Robustness, rare need of maintenance and ease of operation are the premise for the application of analyzers in industrial environment. The IMS technology comprises these premises with the outstanding sensitivity for the detection of volatile compounds and gases, respectively. Smart result evaluation concepts, easy to learn in a few days without the need of an […]