Medical Solutions

Imspex has an experienced team of professionals that can answer your most challenging analytical questions. We can provide service and support to help you get the most out of your GAS system. The unique 2-dimensional separation capabilities of G.A.S. instruments mean that they deliver reliable and ultra-sensitive results using an easy-to-use approach. This makes Imspex’s instruments ideally suited for detection of COVID-19 and other health conditions.

  • Covid-19

    Our BreathSpec® instrument has the potential to detect COVID-19. This test is in development. It is designed to be: Completely non-invasive, with no swabs or other invasive sample collection methods used; Rapid, with results produced within a few minutes of the test; Easily accessible, with no reagents or other expensive or scarce consumables required; Very […]

  • Health

    Our health applications leverage the analytical capabilities of our instruments in diagnostics and screening applications: BreathSpec® for breath analysis FlavourSpec® for biofluids analysis (blood, urine, etc.) Volatile Organic Compounds produced by pathogens in the organism, or by the organism’s response to those pathogens, provide us with a signature that can be identified to detect disease, […]