Robustness, rare need of maintenance and ease of operation are the premise for the application of analyzers in industrial environment. The IMS technology comprises these premises with the outstanding sensitivity for the detection of volatile compounds and gases, respectively. Smart result evaluation concepts, easy to learn in a few days without the need of an analytical background completes the G.A.S approach.

The G.A.S. IMS based systems can be adopted to various fields of application by adjusting sampling, operating mode and reporting of the information you need in a way to profit from.

Control of siloxanes in biogas

As a consequence of the widespread use of siloxanes of hygiene, healthcare, industrial products etc they are residual of biogas power generators of landfills and waste water treatment plants. Without filtering it, silicondioxide is produced during combustion in gas turbines which can settle on the surfaces and damage the interior equipment. The A-IMS (Analytical-IMS) allows a quickly and easily in-situ monitoring of the filter breakthrough for siloxane compounds in biogas without any sample preparation.

Monitoring of odourants in natural gas like the sulphur-free Gasodor® -S-Free® or the sulphur containing compound tetrahydrothiophene (THT) have to be assured and controlled by the power utilities to secure the alarming smell of leaking natural gas. The GC-IMS operates with a tailor made menu, automatic sampling and data output so that a concentration control of the odour admixture can be secured by a technician without special analytical expertise.

Industrial products can under certain circumstances be contaminated with traces of impurities. In case of low olfactory thresholds these impurities can represent off-smells that affect the quality of the product from a customer’s point of view and therefore need to be monitored.

The GC-IMS-SILOX at a pilot location
The GC-IMS-SILOX at a pilot location

Environmental applications are:

  • Process control (siloxanes in biogas, filter efficiency)
  • Quantification of odourants in natural gas (THT, Gasodor-S-Free)
  • Finished product control (impurities in solvents, unwanted smell from production)
  • Stack on-line monitoring
  • Quality control of (intermediate) products not made for human consumption/testing (chemical industry)
  • Clean room monitoring (NH3, HCl)
  • Maximum allowable concentration of toxic industrial chemicals (e.g. dimethylsulphate)


  • Integrated pump and 6-port valve for manual and automatic sampling of gaseous samples
  • Portable
  • Rugged:Suitable for on-site applications
  • Results can be displayed on touch-screen or transferred via analogue output, Ethernet, USB

A-IMS ODOR 02frei2