Food & Flavours

Food & Flavour

Product identification and authentication as well as quality control in general plays a more and more important role every day especially in the food and flavour industry.

The FlavourSpec system uses a combination of IMS with a gas chromatographic pre-separation and an automatic headspace sampler, connected together makes this technology powerful and ideal for the challenges of food and flavour analysis. It is easy-to-use, highly reliable with a set up that is results orientated making analysis quick and simple. With the extreme sensitivity feature of the GC-IMS technology in the range of human odour threshold means flavour active compounds can be analyzed directly from the sample under investigation. Samples that are solid and liquid form can be analyzed.

By headspace analysis of solids and liquids the FlavourSpec either identifies and quantifies a single compound/marker or the whole peak pattern found within the 2-dimensional GC-IMS chromatogram to produce a result orientated test for some examples below:

  • Food freshness, storage conditions and best before date
  • Quantification of diacetyl and pentanedione during the beer brewing process
  • Quality control of commodities and finished products

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