The power of chemistry & biology combined with data analysis delivering leadership in disease testing & non-invasive breathomics.

Pioneers in GC-IMS technology

Delivering fast, accurate, lab-quality analysis at point-of-care, on-line & at-site connectivity and in the laboratory.





Imspex brings together diverse skill sets with a common interest in the power of science for health and economic prosperity. Accomplished international experts combine deep analytical chemistry knowledge, data analysis skill, medical technology expertise and sound business acumen to create innovative solutions for patients and customers.


Imspex provides cutting-edge analytics solutions where early warning signals are needed. Our versatile combination of gas chromatography (GC) and ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) has already proven itself in medical detection and medical diagnosis scenarios and in industrial sectors as diverse as food and beverage processing through to refining wastewater treatment.


Imspex brings the combined power of GC and IMS analytical techniques to bear on earlier detection and diagnosis of disease and quicker, more targeted management of health status. Together, GC-IMS techniques generate insights that open a window onto a body’s physiology, metabolism and state of health. In industry, Imspex has honed its collective expertise in high-end chemistry analytics across a broad range of industrial applications. When dealing with gaseous particles, we can measure and characterise them using our proprietary GC-IMS technology.

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  • Adoption of GC-IMS breath-testing by researchers, healthcare practitioners and administrators as the testing solution of choice for patients over traditional invasive sample collection
  • Recognition by clinical practitioners and regulatory authorities that breath testing delivers equivalent accuracy to centralised laboratory analysis with superior and compelling clinical and economic benefits to healthcare administrators of faster and less costly diagnostics and treatment services
  • Use of breath-testing in developing countries delivering actionable diagnosis and treatment of patients at point of need, offering immediate affordable results and treatment
  • Acceptance by clinical practitioners of common standards for collection, curation and analytics of breath-testing that enables analysis and comparison of globally sourced breath databases to identify evidenced biomarkers of disease and wellness
  • Using the research power of multiple breath databases’ analysis to deliver disease diagnosis and advance prognosis advancing preventative treatment at an affordable costs for everyone, everywhere
  • Delivering immediate reliable HomeHealth results providing worried-well individuals with health confidence, unwell individuals with advance health warnings, health centres with self-triaged presenting patients that offers earlier treatment and better patient outcomes


  • Deliver breath-testing data evidencing equivalence to traditional invasive sample collection and analysis
  • Produce affordable instruments and devices providing accurate actionable results in the hands of health practitioners at any Point-of-Need
  • Build common standards for collection, curation and analysis of breath samples from multiple collection locations enabling global analysis and disease detection


  • To build trust from individuals, communities, healthcare practitioners and administrators anywhere in the world in our Company, our technology and our products
  • To act as the standard bearer of Best Practice in establishing breath analysis standards for international use
  • To uphold the highest ethical values in all our activities and interaction with our Company’s stakeholders


Our proprietary technology combines gas chromatography with ion mobility spectrometry to form a robust, selective and ultra-sensitive GC-IMS combination that has multiple research, industrial, environmental and, most recently, medical applications. 

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