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ImspexGroup brings together diverse skill sets with a common interest in the power of science for health and economic prosperity. Accomplished international experts combine deep analytical chemistry knowledge, data analysis skill, medical technology expertise and sound business acumen to create innovative solutions for patients and customers.


ImspexGroup provides cutting-edge analytics solutions where early warning signals are needed. Our versatile combination of gas chromatography (GC) and ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) has already proven itself in medical detection and medical diagnosis scenarios and in industrial sectors as diverse as food and beverage processing through to refining wastewater treatment.

Imspex Diagnostics and its technology development partner have honed their collective high-end chemistry analytics expertise across a wide range of industrial applications. When gaseous particles come into play, Imspex Diagnostics can measure and characterise these using our proprietary GC-IMS technology.

G.A.S. founded in 1997 is an instrument manufacturing high-tech company delivering tailor-made solutions to those in the food quality control, environmental, and human breath analysis. Comprising of an interdisciplinary team, G.A.S. measures traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in air, human breath and the headspace of liquid and solids.

Imspex Medical brings the combined power of GC and IMS analytical techniques to bear on earlier detection and diagnosis of disease and quicker, more targeted management of health status. Together, GC-IMS techniques generate insights that open a window onto a body’s physiology, metabolism and state of health.

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Imspex Diagnostics was born in 2011 when Imspex Diagnostics Ltd was founded in a South Wales valley. Since then it has acquired G.A.S. mbH, a high-tech analytics developer and manufacturer of GC-IMS instruments and solutions, secured international interest in its shareholding and set up Imspex Medical as a dedicated analytical division for medical and healthcare screening and diagnosis.


Improving outcomes for people remains at the centre of what we do. Our mission is to use our combined chemistry, analytical, healthcare and business skill to create early warning systems that minimise damage and maximise health, wellbeing and economic prosperity.


We see a world where acceptable, accessible and cost-effective early warning systems proactively prevent damage, slow down deterioration and allow people and the planet to be the best that they can be. Responsibility and stewardship are important to us.


Our proprietary technology combines gas chromatography with ion mobility spectrometry to form a robust, selective and ultra-sensitive GC-IMS combination that has multiple research, industrial, environmental and, most recently, medical applications. The technology was developed and is manufactured by G.A.S. mbH who was acquired by Imspex Diagnostics Ltd in 2013. Imspex Diagnostics is also G.A.S. mbH’s representative for UK equipment sales.

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