Breath analysis to detect COVID-19

Efforts to develop a quick and non-invasive breath test for the presence of COVID-19 are underway in Vancouver, British Columbia. Imspex’s BreathSpec® is one of a battery of tests that are being used by Dr Renelle Myers and her Vancouver Coastal Health team in their work to develop a breath test that identifies the possible presence of COVID-19 in people who are showing minimal symptoms of the disease.

This study extends the aims of Imspex’s work reported in the article published in The Lancet EClinical Medicine in October 2020 and aims to increase the number of subjects tested to confirm the accuracy of breath analysis as a detection method for COVID-19.

We look forward to the outcomes of this study and being able to be a continued part of the global journey to develop a quick, accurate and non-invasive way of detecting the presence of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections.

Watch the CBC Vancouver report here: