IMSPEX Diagnostics and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) collaborate on Siloxane analysis

IMSPEX Diagnostics and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Teddington collaborate on Siloxane analysis in Biogas generated from Wastewater and landfill sites A successful A4I innovate UK sponsored grant has facilitated the collaboration between IMSPEX Diagnostics (South Wales UK) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Teddington on the analysis and detection of siloxanes in biogas. The project […]

VOCs In New Car Interiors

VOCs In New Car Interiors We all get excited when we purchase a brand new car and jump inside to find that distinctive ‘new car smell,’ some people love it and some people hate it. Where does this smell come from? Is it harmful?These are questions that are commonly asked. Car Interiors consist of different […]

BBC exposure for BreathSpec system

BreathSpec system and the BBC – How should we deal with a chemical attack? The BreathSpec system has been gaining much publicity recently. Read about and watch a video that explains how our BreathSpec system can be used in dangerous situations that could potentially help save many lives. BBC’s Frank Gardner gets his breath sampled […]

BreathSpec for VOC Trace Detection

BreathSpec: Gas Chromatograph- Ion Mobility Spectrometer for VOC Trace Detection The BreathSpec® is a combination of a classical gas chromatograph coupled to an ion mobility spectrometer (GCxIMS). Dual physical separation of volatile compounds together with the outstanding sensitivity of the IMS allows the detection and quantification of compounds in complex matrices down to the low […]

Breath Analysis and The Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance Antibiotic resistance has become an ever-growing concern for society today due to its increasing effect on mortality and morbidity. For many years now there has been a huge reliance on antibiotics and hence over prescription by healthcare professionals, and this has ultimately led to the growing problem of antibiotics losing their effectiveness on […]

IABR 2018

International Association of Breath Research (IABR) 2018.   Venue: Crowne Plaza, Maastricht, Netherlands   Date: 17-20 June 2018 We are proud to announce we will be attending IABR 2018. The IABR 2018 brings together many disciplines in breath research. This year there will be focus on analytical instruments with focus on sensor technologies with sophisticated […]

Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS)

Discover our stand-alone Ion Mobility Spectrometer The stand-alone IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometer) by G.A.S. mbH enables the use of the IMS technology in very demanding gas phase applications where high separation capabilities and/or sensitivity are needed. Compared to other detectors the IMS offers a second dimension of separation and by that full orthoganality so that […]

Siloxane Measuring Centre at UK AD & Biogas 2018

Let us show you how to monitor Siloxanes at the UK AD Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2018 with our Siloxane Measuring Centre Location: Birmingham NEC Dates: 11-12 July 2018 Join us at the UK AD Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2018. This year STS Instruments and IMSPEX Diagnostics have combined forces to showcase the […]

Monitoring of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)

Rapid Monitoring of Dimethyl Sulfate (DMS) in Chemical Plants using GC-IMS Technology Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) or materials (TIMs) are substances that exhibit harmful effects on humans and are common in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, maintenance areas or general storage areas. Exposure to those chemicals are seriously harmful especially after multiple low-level exposures. Dimethyl sulfate […]

Developing flavoured waters

Developing flavoured waters There has been growing movement by consumers away from purchasing soft drinks due to an unhealthy image attached to them. Due to expert advice to drink more water, growth of purchasing bottled water has increased rapidly. Manufacturers have made water more palatable with a range of flavours added so we drink more […]

Ambition The EPRR Expo

Come to the Ambition Expo 3-4 May 2017, Olympia London. This free to attend conference will feature though leaders from the emergency preparedness, resilience, and response (EPRR) community. The purpose of this event will be to truly understand and debate the future of EPRR. Attendees will include: Local and national government ambulance services Hazardous area […]