Continuous Monitoring of Odourants in Natural Gas

Odourants in gas are important as they allow us to detect potentially dangerous gas leaks simply by smell.

Typical odourants such as S-Free®, THT and tertiary-butyl mercaptan (TBM) are added to natural gas prior to the gas being piped and supplied for industrial and domestic use. Following the addition of these odourants the levels at which they are present need to be continuously monitored to ensure that the correct levels are being maintained.

The GC-IMS ODOR is a fully automated, stand-alone instrument developed for at-site, online sampling , quantification and reporting of Gasodor®-S-Free® (methyl acrylate and ethylacrylate), THT and tert-butylmercaptan (TBM) concentrations in natural gas.

The instrument has key features:

  • small footprint
  • portable
  • generate its own carrier gas
  • minimal operator involvement