Authenticity of extra virgin olive oil

Want to know about how authentic extra virgin olive oil is? Keep reading…

Extra virgin olive oil has always been a popular oil used in salads and a variety of foods because of their great health benefits and great taste. Many believe that by paying more money for olive oil ensures it is high quality, however this is not always the case.  There are many olive oils that claim to be ‘extra virgin’ which means it is fresh olive juice produced mechanically and not by heat or chemicals.

Many counterfeit extra virgin olive oils are a combination of olive oils and vegetable oils, and can be a seed oil with added chlorophyll and bet-carotene to give the smell and taste of the virgin oil. To ensure the highest quality testing the authenticity is required.

The authentication and quality assurance of the olive oil is important in every part of its supply chain. Our FlavourSpec system can be used to authenticate olive oils.