Flavour analysis in Ready To Drink (RTD) teas

Flavour analysis in RTD teas

Consumers have been choosing healthier drinks over juices and soft drinks which can contain a high amount of sugar. The RTD market has increased rapidly recently due to the benefits of tea being a healthier option (due to the antioxidant power of teas) readily available with its portable convenience that is ready to consume. A range of varieties of RTD teas are available , including green teas, black teas etc. and many can have different fruit flavours added to create more choice for the consumer.

Manufacturers of these teas when creating a range must pay attention to the unique flavours they want to create. With a variety of flavours manufacturers can alter the original recipe to accommodate the different flavours and create a range of teas. Changes in the ingredients can alter the desired taste that needs to be achieved therefore careful analysis of the flavour profiles needs to be monitored in order to create a great tasting product.