Food Safety Conference

Food Safety Conference: Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities

Imspex Diagnostics will be attending this exciting one- day brand-led event. From food fraud to supply chain risks and more. Tackle your hottest food and drink safety challenges this thursday!

Venue: Museum of London Docklands

Date: Thursday 15th September

Topic: Identify & Reduce Threats & Vulnerabilities With Advanced Risk Assessments Around Fraud, Contaminants & Industry Challenges: Next-level, Proactive Systems & Approaches For Full Supply Chain Traceability, Raw Material Authenticity & Integrity Assurance With Insights On The Latest Trends, Retailer Views & Legislative Updates

We will be showcasing our FlavourSpec system, capable of detecting and identifying food flavours and fragrances and taints at ultra trace levels. Low part per billion (ppb) and even part per trillion (ppt) detection levels are achievable.

With great applications for the food & beverage industry:

  • determination of brewing end points in beer
  • cheese ripening
  • food tainting from packaging
  • fruit rot detection
  • assessing the effects that ingredient change addition or removal have on taste
  • food authenticity

So come and see us, ask a question and meet the team !