Freshness of breath, how long does it last?

There are a range off oral care products available with a whole host of purposes such as whitening, tartar control, cavity protection the list goes on. These products provide that minty fresh taste with that sense of clean feeling of your teeth and breath. Bacteria develop and feed on food that may be stuck between our teeth and they produce these volatile sulphur compounds that give ‘bad breath’ and oral care products work to stop this process.

The aim of oral care care products is to make the beneficial effects last longer.  Rigorous testing takes place to ensure that our toothpastes and mouthwash provide the oral protection that is illustrated on the packaging and labels The questions is, at what point do these products fresh taste/clean feeling stop? Companies do use sensory panels to test this however the result can be subjective.

Our BreathSpec system provides an analytical solution, it can detect changes in the oral cavity by a simple breath test.