Imspex Diagnostics Ltd acquires GAS GmbH

Imspex Diagnostics Ltd (IMSPEX) announced today that it has acquired all equity and assets in GAS GmbH, a Dortmund (Germany) based developer and manufacturer of Ion Mobility Spectrometry instruments with applications in the clinical diagnostics, food analysis and environmental analysis fields.

Santi Dominguez, CEO of IMSPEX, commented on the acquisition: ‘We are delighted with this acquisition. We see Ion Mobility Spectrometry as being a critical cornerstone in the delivery of our aims as a company. GAS Dortmund is a highly reputed manufacturer and developer of this technology, with a range of ready-for-market products and well developed, robust technology which scores very highly on all parameters important to us, such as resolution, sensitivity, development capability, etc. With the acquisition of GAS we are also greatly strengthening our technical capabilities and the calibre of our team, GAS scientists and engineers are World leading in this technique and there experience with IMS is unmatched in companies targeting the civilian markets.’

Thomas Wortelmann, CEO of GAS, commented on the deal: ‘We are very happy to welcome IMSPEX as our majority shareholder. We see the objectives of both companies as being perfectly aligned and it is a welcome change for our organization to have a strategic investor with an understanding of both our technology and the challenges that developing analytical instrumentation poses. We expect this collaboration to be critical in the development of our product line and our market presence.’