Imspex Clinical

Imspex is at the forefront of clinical innovation. Currently, we boast proprietary and commercialized GC-IMS technology-based instruments renowned for their signature recognition capabilities in commercial and Homeland Security incident testing scenarios. Our global leadership is recognised particularly in breath and liquid signature analysis, where we pioneer non-invasive breath-testing through our non-invasive Breathomics platform. Notably, our BreathSpec® achieved the first CE registration for COVID-19 testing in May 2022, solidifying our commitment to ground breaking solutions for pandemic testing as well as across respiratory diseases.  Partnering with multinational clinical hospitals investigating the use of breath as the alternative detection medium for disease recognition and early treatment opportunities, we have been able to identify multiple proof of principle investigations for a range of diseases. This optionality and third-party clinical investigations offers a pipeline of diseases for Imspex to qualify and progress in its disease pipeline, including critical areas such as COVID, urinary/respiratory infections, sepsis, and cancers with our second-generation BreathSpec®, which has been tailored for R&D and clinical investigations.

Looking ahead, we are identifying next-generation technology and products to leapfrog from current fixed instruments at laboratory sites to the future of healthcare requirements, HomeHealth and hand-held connected devices that assess, monitor and provide early diagnosis and options for the earliest clinical intervention. We are also focusing on developing next-generation clinical instruments for global point-of-care solutions in developed and developing healthcare countries, for remote locations and Homeland Security and civil defence scenarios. These instruments will be fast, accurate, easy-to-use and portable, with user-reporting and remote connectivity for upgrading and actionable results.

We will expand our Breathomics platform for home, community, and mobile handheld diagnostic screening through our HomeHealth initiative. Catering to various segments including the Well, the Worried-Well, and the Unwell, our solutions provide early warning and immediate rule-out capabilities. Empowered by online personal and physician data, we are shaping the future of diagnostics, making healthcare accessible and proactive for all.