Imspex is looking for a consortium

IMSPEX is looking for a consortium in the ihi call 3: Screening platform and biomarkers for prediction and prevention of diseases of unmet public health need.

IMSPEX are pioneers in Gas Chromatography Ion Mobility Spectrometry (GC-IMS) technology, delivering fast, accurate, lab-quality analysis on-line, at-site, in the laboratory and at point-of-care.

Improving outcomes for people remains at the centre of what we do. Our mission is to use our combined chemistry, analytical, healthcare and business skill to create early warning systems that minimise damage and maximise health, wellbeing and economic prosperity.

IMSPEX has over 15 years experience in biomarker analysis through breath analysis using its Breathspec® to collect and analyse breath samples at point of care (POC). This POC device with high sensitivity and selectivity for volatile organic compound (VOC) detection makes it a perfect complement to lab based biomarker analysis.

Our GC-IMS also has a track record of analysing stool, urine, faeces and swab samples via headspace analysis using our autosampler system. With analyse time less than 10 min per sample, rapid throughput of high volume sampling is possible.

We are looking for a consortium to join and expand their projects diagnostic capability using cutting edge point of care technology.

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Call ID: HORIZON-JU-IHI-2022-03-single-stage