Your health, in a breath.

Imspex Medical brings the combined power of GC and IMS analytical techniques to bear on early detection and diagnosis of disease using breath analysis. Together these techniques ae opening a window to wellness through the otherwise invisible internal world of physiology and metabolism.

Imspex Medical’s aim is to significantly improve health outcomes for millions of people globally to create opportunity for longer, happier and healthier lives. Earlier identification of multiple treatable or manageable diseases will allow this.

Our Target

For centuries people have wanted to be able to diagnose medical conditions using breath. Until the advent of breath analysis technology, this goal has remained elusive.

Modern analytics technology and computing power has opened this metabolic window on our physiology. Breathomics is now a fast-growing and specialist area of expertise. It is ideally placed to meet the challenge of detecting the presence of disease earlier than we have been able to do up to now.

We know that earlier diagnosis and targeted treatment can make all the difference to health, quality of life and affordability of healthcare, so our immediate remit at Imspex Medical is to make breath
analysis more widely accessible to detect chronic and infectious disease states accurately and

Our heritage

Over the past decade, the Imspex Group has provided a cutting edge analytics service to the industrial and food and drink sectors using a unique combination of gas chromatography (GC) and Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technologies. More latterly, it became apparent that this GC-IMS platform also quickly and effectively analyses human breath samples to detect physiological indicators of a range of disease states, including non-transferrable chronic lifestyle- and infectious diseases.

New times, new technology

Imspex Medical’s combination of GC-IMS devices and corresponding expertise provides a feasible public health resource in the form of accessible, non-invasive, reliable breath tests and multiple body fluid analyses that rapidly identify stipulated disease states with the accuracy of the gold standard tests.

This combination holds a key to making high-stakes decisions with more confidence – getting back to work, school and university safely, being able to resume sports, leisure and holiday activities and slowing the development of antimicrobial resistance by supporting appropriate prescription of antibiotics are just a few.

Being able to make these decisions with confidence is the future that we are moving to at Imspex