Imspex Announces Sale of Its German Subsidiary, Paving the Way for Standalone UK Entity Dedicated to Advancing Clinical Diagnostics and Leading in Breathomics.

15th May 2024, Abercynon, Wales – Imspex announces the sale of its German subsidiary, GAS Dortmund GmbH, to its majority shareholder, Hanon Group (China). This positions Imspex as a standalone UK entity, reinforcing its commitment to pioneering advancements in breath-based diagnostics.

Imspex mission is to deliver breath-testing as the preferred choice for researchers, healthcare practitioners and administrators worldwide, surpassing traditional invasive sample collection methods. This vision aligns with its mission to deliver reliable, actionable data equivalent to centralised laboratory analysis at point of care with real-time diagnostic outcomes for patients and healthcare practitioners.

By standardising breath-testing protocols, Imspex will enable widespread adoption of breath testing, even in resource-limited settings. The Company believes that implementing common standards for breath sample collection, curation and analysis will enable the global community to identify biomarkers of disease and wellness more effectively.

“We are dedicated to building trust and confidence in our technology and products,” said John McKinley, CEO at IMSPEX. “Our commitment to upholding the highest ethical values underscores every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our solutions benefit individuals, communities and healthcare systems worldwide.”

Imspex’s vision extends beyond diagnosis to include preventative treatment and health monitoring. By leveraging the collective power of multiple breath databases, the Company aims to advance disease diagnosis and prognosis while offering affordable solutions accessible to everyone everywhere.

“Our goal is to empower healthcare practitioners with affordable instruments and devices that deliver accurate results at the point of need,” added John McKinley “We believe that by providing immediate, reliable @HomeHealth results, we can offer peace of mind to individuals and enable earlier treatment interventions for better patient outcomes.”

Imspex’s sale of GAS Dortmund GmbH signifies a strategic realignment towards its core mission of advancing Breathomics through innovative technologies. As a standalone entity, Imspex is poised to lead the charge in revolutionising non-invasive healthcare diagnostics and treatment delivery worldwide.

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About Imspex Diagnostics Ltd:

Imspex is a global leader in delivery of breath analysis solutions for disease detection and treatment, specialising in Gas Chromatography – Ion Mobility Spectrometry (GC-IMS) technology. With a vision to revolutionise healthcare diagnostics and treatment, Imspex is dedicated to delivering reliable, actionable data at the point of need.