Dear Valued Shareholders and Investors,

Your investment drives our success. Join us in transforming healthcare worldwide.

We are proud to present to you Imspex’s investment offering as we journey towards revolutionising diagnostic solutions through breath analysis. We invite you to be a crucial part of our mission, poised for significant growth and impact for patients and medical practitioners.

At Imspex, our vision is clear: to pioneer innovative, fast, accurate, easy to use and non – invasive diagnostic technologies that deliver effective and better healthcare outcomes irrespective of location.  With your support, we will achieve unparalleled success through strategic allocation of resources and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our investment plan delineates a comprehensive roadmap spanning five years, strategically designed to maximize growth and value creation for all Imspex’s stakeholders, focusing on quality, sustainable practices and the highest ethical standards for our team and everyone with whom we interact.

Each year, your investment will drive tangible outcomes, propelling us closer to our valuation targets and investment realisation. We are committed to transparency, accountability and delivering demonstrable value to our investors.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we redefine the future of diagnostics and transform healthcare outcomes worldwide. Together, we will make a marked difference.


John McKinley CEO

Imspex Diagnostics Ltd

Corporate Information

Imspex Diagnostics is bringing rapid, point-of-care breath analysis testing to the forefront as the next-generation modality of healthcare diagnostics.

With a management team experienced in medical technology and diagnostics development and commercialisation, Imspex has its focus firmly set on delivering breath analysis using GC-IMS technology as a cutting edge and timely technology to detect and diagnose the presence of disease using exhaled breath samples.

We are pleased to announce that Imspex has now returned to UK shareholder ownership following as successfully completed corporate restructuring during 2023 and early 2024. Under this transaction, Imspex has repurchased all shares held by our former Chinese shareholders who have also acquired our former German subsidiary GAS based in Dortmund, Germany. Imspex will now focus on its core medical technology, innovation and clinical product development activities for which it is globally recognised as a pioneer and leader in Breathomics. 

Funding rounds

Imspex has employed over £6M to date to develop the detection and medical diagnostic applications of our technology through a combination of external fundraising, grants and revenues generated elsewhere in the business. As one of the UK’s leading innovation companies, we have won over £2.5M in competitive grants from Innovate UK and European Horizon grant programmes. We will be applying for new grants throughout 2024 from the UK Government, European Commission and US entities. 

A further round of Series A fundraising is now underway which will capitalise Imspex’s next generation breathomics business plan, underpinned by continued development of its sales activities across R&D and industrial applications. Funding supports current and future grant contributions by Imspex, our ability to co-fund global R&D partnerships for the identification of disease biomarkers and expansion of the use of our technology alongside commercial clinical corporations with their global distribution networks. Discussions with potential strategic investors and clinical and commercial partners are continuing.

Further details of our fundraising are available from our CEO, John McKinley.