Santi Dominguez

Founder and Chairman of Imspex Diagnostics Board

Santi Dominguez is a business graduate-turned-entrepreneur. He co-founded companies in Spain and the UK, oversaw the acquisition of G.A.S. mbH, Imspex’s technology developer and manufacturer (a division of Imspex Diagnostics Ltd) and has sold a company to Chinese acquirers. Santi is a Board member for life science technology companies in Spain, UK, Germany and California. He is passionate about driving innovation through Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) analysis.

John McKinley


John has over three decades’ experience of board-level executive and NED chairman roles in private and publicly listed companies, government departments including public private industry partnerships in the UK and overseas. He has specialist expertise in diagnostic technologies, instruments and devices, particularly in highly infectious respiratory human and animal diseases, with a deep knowledge of translational population genomics and personalised medicine. John transitioned from a foundation career in corporate, commercial and licensing legal practice, the London insurance industry and ESG technologies to executive roles in global Life Science, biotechnology and environmental sector companies. Seasoned in engaging executives, shareholders and stakeholders at all levels of seniority, he articulates visions for business improvement and ESG aligning disparate parties towards common purposes and goals. As a result, he has launched and led a variety of companies from start-up to become publicly listed entities with robust ESG governance and expansive global commercial footprints. John’s insights into global healthcare policies, practical translational expertise and senior legal background will help guide Impex’s mission to become the global leader in next-generation breath diagnostics.

Robin Pakenham


As a corporate finance specialist, Robin brings more than 30 years of experience of fundraising, managing the sale of businesses and acting in an advisory capacity to VC/PE backed early-stage, tech-centric, disruptive and knowledge-rich start-ups, established businesses looking to grow and business in turn-around scenarios. He is well-acquainted with the financial, strategic and operational activities across the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, therapeutics development, electronics, digital communications and finance/ investment management industries.

Thomas Wortelmann

Managing Director G.A.S. mbH

Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in developing analytical solutions using gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometry technology in industrial-, food-, cosmetic- and healthcare applications