New times, new technology

What does wellness – or otherwise – look like from the inside? This is a question that has intrigued people for millennia. It has, no doubt, been asked many times over the past year. Separation of exhaled breath into its chemical components is now starting to yield answers to this question.

Analysis of a breath stream into its component elements – Volatile Organic Compounds – is gaining momentum as data analytics improve and the breathomics knowledge base expands. Imspex Medical is at the forefront of this growing body of knowledge.  

We believe that breath analysis will play a leading role in the future of diagnostics and disease detection. Whilst achieving accuracy at the level of existing gold standard measures, breath analysis’s non-invasive sample collection, quick return of results, ultra-high sensitivity and high repeatability make it ideally placed as an early warning system for a wide range of medical conditions.

At Imspex Medical we are looking forward to being able to bring the benefits of breath analysis to bear on public health outcomes and, over time, to underpin more personalised healthcare interventions.