Counterfeit cigarette detection

Do you smoke? Do you know where your tobacco comes from? As over-the-counter prices have increased in the UK, the illicit cigarette market has grown. HM Revenue and Customs estimate that 10% of cigarettes and a staggering 40% of rolling tobacco came from illicit sources in 2013/2014(source). Smuggling, counterfeiting and bootlegging are all routes by […]

A Successful Exhibition!

A Successful Exhibition!

IMSPEX recently attended GAS 2015 and had a successful exhibition with many conference participants coming to have a look at the GC/IMS instruments for a number of gas analysis applications.

Analysis of VOCs in Biogas

Analysis of VOCs in Biogas

Natural gas is generally odourless and easily detected through the presence of odourants such as THT (tetrahydothiophen), Gasodor S-Free (methyl- and ethylacrylates) and TBM (tert-Butylthiol). The presence of odourants is important for detection of leaks which can be a safety issue. Biogas produced by fermentation of organic sources contains volatile organic compounds (VOC) either from […]

Soy Sauce Analysis

This year at Achema 2015 Imspex Diagnostics Ltd will be showcasing the FlavourSpec. This instrument can separate, quantify and identify volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in a wide variety of food samples such as : soy sauces cheeses alcoholic beverages (beers, wines and spirits) The FlavourSpec therefore is becoming an increasingly important tool for flavour characterization […]

Application for Siloxanes in Biogas

Using GC-IMS analysis for measurement of Siloxanes in Biogas This year at GAS2015 we will be showcasing the GC-IMS-SILOX instrument which has the ability to detect very low ppb levels of individual and/or total siloxanes. Siloxanes are found in landfill and other waste streams and can have very detrimental effects on the energy generation equipment […]

Imspex Diagnostics Ltd acquires GAS GmbH

Imspex Diagnostics Ltd (IMSPEX) announced today that it has acquired all equity and assets in GAS GmbH, a Dortmund (Germany) based developer and manufacturer of Ion Mobility Spectrometry instruments with applications in the clinical diagnostics, food analysis and environmental analysis fields. Santi Dominguez, CEO of IMSPEX, commented on the acquisition: ‘We are delighted with this […]