Our BreathSpec® instrument has the potential to detect COVID-19.

This test is in development. It is designed to be:

  • Completely non-invasive, with no swabs or other invasive sample collection methods used;
  • Rapid, with results produced within a few minutes of the test;
  • Easily accessible, with no reagents or other expensive or scarce consumables required;
  • Very cost effective. No expensive consumables or reagents are required and it has a very low cost per test;
  • Deployable not only at hospitals and doctor surgeries, but also in the wider community (for example at transportation hubs, nursing homes, military personnel, health monitoring, schools and other educational institutions);
  • Can be operated by personnel without specialist training

Our technology has the potential to help to safely reopen the economy through affordable mass community testing that gives immediate test results. The instrument does not need a laboratory setting but can be portable (e.g. on the back of a vehicle). It can be operated by non-specialist personnel.

The Lancet has just published a feasibility study with our latest COVID-19 results. Read more here