TOXI-Triage: A workshop masterclass

Topic: Future Technology for CBRN Crises Management

The Horizon 2020 Project TOXI-triage is working to develop accelerated situational awareness alongside traceable point of care diagnostics. Advances in remote piloted airborne systems (“drones”), breath analysis, tag and trace, and machine learning are under development and review to provide “tools for detection traceability triage and individual monitoring of casualties”. An important, indeed vital, element of our work is listening to and consulting carefully with end-users and we are pleased to announce a workshop/master class on integrating technology innovation into SOPs and Operational Specifications for CBRN (catastrophic chemical, biological, radioactive, or nuclear incidents) Crises Management.

In this meeting we plan to share:

• best practice in the evaluation of technology innovation and integration into critical SOPs within concepts of operation

• insights and experience on specifying new technology and communication systems for CBRN crisis planning and preparation

• and, apply a range of expertise to the critical evaluation of technology transfer to CBRN crises operations.

The workshop/master class starts with expert practitioner presentations from NATO CBRN specialists and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) before receiving briefings from technology developers. Perhaps the most important part of the exercise follows with three table-top discussions where each delegate will rotate through three different teams who will provide structured analysis and feedback. Each team will be supported by an expert who will chair, provoke and encourage contributions to ensure that all points-of-view, insights and ideas are heard and evaluated.

This workshop/master class will enable practitioners and planners to benchmark and align their expertise and experience and provide informed feedback and direction to the wider community of users as well as researchers and developers of next-generation technologies for CBRN crises management and response.

Our Application specialist Dr Emma Broderick will be presenting “Fast triage: developing breath analysers for R/N and C-agent injury assessment”