BreathSpec for VOC Trace Detection

BreathSpec: Gas Chromatograph- Ion Mobility Spectrometer for VOC Trace Detection


The BreathSpec® is a combination of a classical gas chromatograph coupled to an ion mobility spectrometer (GCxIMS). Dual physical separation of volatile compounds together with the outstanding sensitivity of the IMS allows the detection and quantification of compounds in complex matrices down to the low ppb level – allowing direct analysis of volatile compounds in human breath.

Equipped with a gas recycling unit (CGFU) the BreathSpec® only needs a power supply for operation. Hence the equipment setup can be mobile to enable point-of-care testing. Versatile sampling possibilities offer coverage of various measurement scenarios while respecting non-invasiveness to the breath-donor and hygienic standards.

One major benefit of breath analysis for medical applications is its non-invasiveness. Consistently the sampling process should be as convenient and as calmative as possible. Moreover a disposable and straight-forward breath sampling set-up same as procedure is essential for hygienic considerations and to reduce stress for the breath donor.