Going Dairy Free

dairy free

Since 2014 there has been significant growth in the sales of non-dairy milk alternatives and the trend is continuing today. This is due to more vegans, paleo dieters and more people experiencing intolerances to dairy containing foods. In order to address these trends companies are resorting to developing ranges that are dairy free. Famous brands of yoghurts and ice creams that originally contain dairy are trying to develop the original flavours that contained dairy to dairy free versions. In order to let the dairy free consumers experience that original taste sensation without having to consume any dairy.

To create these dairy free ranges the companies have to look at the original recipe and how incorporating the dairy free ingredient affects the rest of the product. The recipe may need to be changed in terms of other quantities of the other ingredients in order to achieve the same taste. A sensory panel is used to test differences in taste. However this can be time-consuming and expensive. Our FlavourSpec system provides a rapid analytical approach to determine flavour changes.