Imspex Diagnostics to Partner with Bond Digital Health

Imspex Diagnostics Ltd is delighted to have entered into a technology development and commercialisation partnership project with Bond Digital Health.

Both businesses are Wales-based specialists in Life Sciences that will combine Imspex’s ‘early warning systems’ for healthcare using its market-leading gas chromatography (GC) and Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology combined with Bond’s world’s first Transform® platform, a real-time data capture and management system for diagnostic testing. 

Founded in 2011, Imspex Diagnostics Ltd (Imspex) delivers its unique and proprietary combined gas chromatography (GC) and Ion Mobility Spectrometry technologies to deliver rapid and accurate detection and diagnosis for a broad range of global industry and healthcare applications. Imspex also acquired analytics expert G.A.S. mbH in 2013, highlighting its Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) analytical capability to provide quality and contamination solutions for manufacturing and end-products to a range of blue-chip companies and world-leading research hospitals, research centres and universities. The Company continues to expand the boundaries of VOC detection, increasing its technology leadership position and capability to develop innovative solutions to an increasing range of industry and healthcare markets requiring speed, accuracy and affordability. 

Bond Digital Health Ltd is the only company in the world offering bespoke digital products and services specifically for lateral flow devices. Bond is digitising an entire industry and helping with global efforts to decentralise health testing. Bond has developed a white label digital platform for lateral flow technologies, called Transform®. Featuring app development, cloud data management and a real-time analytics dashboard, Transform® offers secure cloud connectivity and is fully regulated and compliant with medical device software regulations.

In response to the news of the partnership, Bond’s Commercial Director Phil Groom said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Imspex and to be working on an exciting project with a pioneering company.  We look forward to sharing more information on the partnership and the project early in 2022.”

Imspex’s Founder and chairman, Santi Dominguez, said: “This is an exciting project and combines two leading technologies to provide data capture, research and faster diagnosis by clinicians leading to better patient outcomes.” 

The healthcare industry will benefit hugely when it comes to diagnostic testing with Bond already supporting the fight against Covid-19, currently powering three in-market rapid lateral flow tests in the UK, USA and Canada. They have further plans to develop their world-leading platform further with smartphone reader integration, multi-language support plus the ability to sort, filter and export your data. This combined with the cutting edge technology of Imspex who have honed their collective high-end chemistry analytics expertise is sure to go from strength-to-strength.