Low level detection of sulphur compounds in natural gas using the Agilent Micro GC with Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Low level detection of Sulphur compounds in Natural gas using the Agilent Micro GC with Ion Mobility Spectrometer.

G.A.S mbH re-engineered its sophisticated Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) to fit within an Agilent 490 Micro GC system channel.

The next generation electronics uses advanced signal processing algorithms to reduce the two dimensional IMS spectrum to a one dimensional data stream that can be processed like data from any other side channel.

This seamless integration of a high sensitive detector opens new applications for the Agilent 490-PRO Micro GC system.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Repeatable
  • Fast
  • Accurate Monitoring and much more
  • Online/at-line analysis
  • Used for applications requiring unattended round – the – clock measurements including natural gas analysis, biogas, bulk and trace analysis of refinery gas, stack gas, trace analysis of sulphur, oxygenates, halogenates, and trace analysis of HCN