Meet Trenton Stewart

IMSPEX is proud to announce some of the current and upcoming projects led by one of our doctoral students, Trenton Stewart, co-sponsored by us and the University of Warwick. He is based in the Biomedical Sensors Laboratory in the School of Engineering while additionally being a Warwick Medical School student. His interdisciplinary research focuses on advancing the capabilities of breath-based diagnostics utilizing our BreathSpec® device.

In this regard, Trenton is involved in a variety of active studies and collaborations with universities and clinics across the UK. This ranges from the diagnosis of periodontitis (gum disease) at the Peninsula Dental School at the University of Plymouth to identifying bacterial respiratory infections in the breath of patients at seven different clinics. Recently, Trenton’s work on distinguishing bacterial respiratory infections has now been submitted for publication and we will post a link to the article once it is published!

We look forward to the promising outcomes of these studies and Trenton’s future endeavours