ONELAB Installations

Imspex is pleased to announce the successful installation of the Breathspec® instrument at Saitama Medical Centre Hospital (SMCH), Saitama, Japan, an institution affiliated with the Educational Corporation Saitama Medical University. This achievement is part of the ONELAB project, an initiative funded by the EU Horizon program to orchestrate next-generation mobile modular laboratories for pandemic monitoring preparedness using non-invasive breath-testing.

The Horizon program will see four Breathspec® instruments installed across Europe and Japan for the monitoring of viral diseases during winter flu seasons. Led by Makoto Sawano in the Advanced Centre for Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, (Japan), this installation represents a substantial leap forward in Imspex’s clinical capabilities and leadership in commercialising breath-testing.

Noteworthy accomplishments include the implementation of a sampling system intricately designed to replicate measurements conducted in Vienna. This meticulous approach ensures that Imspex’s diagnostic practices at SMCH align with global standards, reinforcing our dedication to precision in medical diagnostics across multiple testing sites.