Praise for our application specialist

Our presence at the recent Health Innovation Conference lead to a great review for our application specialist Dr Emma Brodrick from Cwn Taf:

“One of the most inspiring stories from the conference was from Dr Emma Brodrick who works for a small medical technology company based in Abercynon. They have less than 20 employees but are at the forefront of developing a revolutionary device to detect lung cancer at an early stage.

We are working with them in Cwm Taf to develop this amazing technology in partnership with the University of South Wales. This sort of collaborative working with industry and academics gives us as a health board a really valuable opportunity to maximise the potential of the latest technology to improve patient care, and the benefit for them is they get access to world class clinical expertise and of course patients.

As our assistant medical director Dr Jason Shannon said at the conference, ‘the early detection of lung cancer is the holy grail’ and, given we have some of the worst outcomes for lung cancer in Wales, this research shows exactly how we can, and must, use innovation to help us address some of the entrenched health problems we have in our communities.

The event, held at the University of South Wales in Treforest brought together academics, clinicians and representatives from industry across Wales including medical and biotechnology companies, to share knowledge and expertise on funding opportunities for research, bringing products to market and intellectual property.”