Taking breath analysis into the future

Human breath contains up to a thousand volatile organic compounds that, when analysed,  can tell a story about a body’s state of health. These chemical compounds reflect the end processes of metabolic pathways. Patterns of compound peaks form ‘signatures’ when breath is analysed into its components and it is these signatures that allow for disease conditions to be identified. This offers a non-invasive way to test for the presence of disease conditions earlier in the course of a disease. 

The Imspex group has established credentials in using breath analysis for screening and diagnosis across a range of medical applications. The CEOs of Imspex Medical and Imspex Diagnostics shared some thoughts on the benefits that an understanding of breath and breath analysis expertise could bring to screening and early diagnosis of disease as a way of improving both the diagnosis experience for patients and treatment outcomes. Read more on News-Medical.net here to find out more: https://bit.ly/3msb2Ou