Co-Vid 19 Resilience Innovation success

Imspex Diagnostics was successful in its recent SMARTCymru application for funding to further establish its BreathSpec® technology’s potential as a channel to boost economic recovery as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. The SMARTCymru-European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding will be used to further validate BreathSpec®’s capability for rapid detection of COVID-19 in clinical settings […]

BBC exposure for BreathSpec system

BreathSpec system and the BBC – How should we deal with a chemical attack? The BreathSpec system has been gaining much publicity recently. Read about and watch a video that explains how our BreathSpec system can be used in dangerous situations that could potentially help save many lives. BBC’s Frank Gardner gets his breath sampled […]

Monitoring of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)

Rapid Monitoring of Dimethyl Sulfate (DMS) in Chemical Plants using GC-IMS Technology Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) or materials (TIMs) are substances that exhibit harmful effects on humans and are common in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, maintenance areas or general storage areas. Exposure to those chemicals are seriously harmful especially after multiple low-level exposures. Dimethyl sulfate […]

Siloxanes in biogas gas from landfill waste

The generation of electricity from land fill is of increasing interest as a form of renewable energy to be used on site or sold to grid. However, siloxanes found in cosmetics, shampoos and a host of consumer products as well as industrial products make their way into land-fill and can cause considerable damage to power […]

Authenticity of extra virgin olive oil

Want to know about how authentic extra virgin olive oil is? Keep reading… Extra virgin olive oil has always been a popular oil used in salads and a variety of foods because of their great health benefits and great taste. Many believe that by paying more money for olive oil ensures it is high quality, […]